Volunteers are needed for a number of activities around Pathway Home. The home is staffed from 7 am to 11 pm with volunteers to provide care to our residents and various housekeeping duties.
Direct care volunteers: help with the physical hands on care with our residents. This may include bathing, dressing, toileting, turning and re-positioning while in bed. These volunteers also dispense medications as needed to our residents.

Resident and Family support volunteers: These volunteers may not do direct hands on care but help with housework, socialization with our residents and families, cooking, and some of our Support volunteers do administer medications if they are comfortable doing so.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds/Maintenance volunteers meet the maintenance needs of the yard and house.

Fund Raising / Public Relations

Fund-raising/Public Relations volunteers help to raise money through various campaigns and events, and generate and promote communications with the community and the media. Examples may include a pledge drive, garage and bake sale, golf tournament, car wash, soliciting sales of raffle tickets or other sale items such as cook books or discount books, candy bar sales, and helping with speaking engagements, letters and phone correspondence. Fund-raising/Public Relations volunteers may also be asked to help with any tasks associated with an event (such as baking, helping with mailings, posting flyers at various locations, etc.). This role may also include assisting in getting items donated and helping with preparation of newsletters and annual reports.

Office / Clerical

Office/Clerical volunteers assist with duties that include answering the phones and the door (which are expected to be surprisingly busy), scheduling, faxing, computer work, correspondence and mailings. Duties may also involve clerical support of fund-raising efforts as needed.


We will sometimes encounter situations where individuals, companies or groups wish to create their own personalized roles. We will welcome this opportunity to “customize” roles, designed exclusively to tailor your individual needs, or the needs/benefits that your company or group can offer.