Celebration of Life Butterfly Release

The First Celebration of Life Butterfly Release was held at Vince’s Park on June 2nd, 2018. Residents who have been part of the Pathway Home family for the last year were honored and the event was opened to the community. We had an overwhelming response from the community with 288 Painted Lady butterflies being released and over 200 names were read at the event. Inspirational readings and music provided by Bradley Ellis. The following video was sent to us from Dave Duprey at dupreyvideo.com. Thank you to him and his wife Darlene and to all that attended our event.

Unfortunately, after having nice weather all week the temperature was a little cool for the butterflies and not all of them wanted to take flight. We did gather them up and brought them over to Pathway Home and released them in one of our flower bed areas when it became warmer a little later in the day.


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