Our First Week

Pathway Home had a huge week this week. We met our goal of taking our first two residents this week and had our first wedding!  Bethany and Ben wanted to share their day with Bethany’s grandmother.  Last minute plans were made, Kathy Jans-Duffy was able to join us to officiate and many of the happy couple’s family were able to come also.  The couple were married in the room with Grammie and it was streamed through Facebook Live to the other family members in the living room to watch.  It was a very emotional moment all the way around.  We congratulate them and thank them for allowing us to participate in such a special moment.





We also want to thank all of our volunteers who helped out this week,  without you we wouldn’t have been able to do it.



Pathway Home Taking Referrals

This is the last step before our doors are open.  We are looking at referrals for people who wish to come stay at PWH.  We have met with the Lifetime Care Hospice staff and we are so happy to have them to provide Hospice care to our residents.

We have received referrals from Hospices in the area, hospitals, and from people in the community.   We make a visit to the person who is interested and we will make a decision depending on who has the greatest need at the time.  That doesn’t mean the other folks are out of luck . They will continue to stay on the list and when a bed becomes available they will be contacted.  Its okay if they are not ready to come when the bed is offered.  They will be called the next time.

If you know someone who could benefit from our services, give us a call.  Our phone number is 315-651-1240.

It has been a long journey over 8 years to get to this point. We are excited and nervous at the same time. We have received a phenomenal amount of support from the community.  We thank you all for not giving up on us.  We have also been lucky to have so many people who have volunteered to be caregivers  and other jobs that need to be done here.  We will continue to accept all volunteer requests as this will be a continuous need.  Thank you again for all your support!